Drive Innovation, Anticipate Trends, Build Communities

PEACOQ transforms the way you innovate, anticipate future trends, and build dynamic communities. Explore our all-encompassing platform designed to integrate all your strategic needs seamlessly into one powerful, intuitive system.

Empower Your Innovation Journey

Set new standards in innovation management. PEACOQ provides the tools and support you need to drive your innovation projects forward and achieve success.

Mapping Tomorrow’s Trends Today

Gain valuable insights with PEACOQ. Our platform supports you in achieving strategic advantages through data-driven foresight processes.

Community Management

Engage and empower your community with PEACOQ. Use our platform to increase participation and create a vibrant, active community.

Your All-in-One Solution to unleash the Future

PEACOQ offers a holistic solution covering all aspects of foresight, innovation, and community management. Optimize your processes and make informed decisions with our comprehensive platform. Utilize our advanced tools and technologies to anticipate future trends and make informed strategic decisions.

Efficiency & Reliability

Anticipating Tomorrow with Forward-Thinking Solutions

Holistic Approach with a 360-Degree View on Developments

PEACOQ offers an integrated solution that covers various aspects of foresight, innovation, networking, collaboration, and competition processes. Our platform provides a 360-degree view of future developments, supporting informed and strategic decision-making.

AI Integration and Continuous Development

PEACOQ leverages advanced AI technologies to analyze data, recognize patterns, and make precise predictions. Our platform is continuously developed and equipped with new AI features to provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant insights.

Collaboration and Flexible Customization to Meet Your Needs

Collaborate seamlessly with your team and customize the platform flexibly to suit your specific needs. PEACOQ supports collaborative projects and offers extensive customization options to optimally meet your individual requirements.

flexibility and adaptability

What makes us different

Role Assignment

The platform enables detailed role assignment, allowing different users to have specific permissions and access. This ensures that each employee only sees the relevant information and functions, increasing efficiency and security.

Status Values

With PEACOQ, you can create and manage custom status values. This makes tracking and monitoring the progress of projects and tasks easier by using clear and relevant status indicators.

Display Formats

PEACOQ offers various display formats for data and information. You can use tables, charts, maps, and other visualizations to make your data understandable and insightful. This versatility supports better data analysis and decision-making.

Visual Representation of Results

The platform allows for the visual representation of results to quickly identify trends, patterns, and insights. With customizable dashboards and visualization widgets, you can capture the most important information at a glance.

Modular Architecture

PEACOQ’s modular architecture allows you to add or adjust features and modules as needed. You can extend the platform to meet new requirements without disrupting existing systems. This flexibility supports the continuous evolution of your innovation and foresight proces

Integration of AI Features

PEACOQ offers extensive opportunities for integrating artificial intelligence. AI features can be used to automate tasks, support decision-making processes, and provide valuable insights. These functions can be further developed and customized in close collaboration with our customers to meet specific needs.

Engaging Visual and Interactive Tools for Enhanced User Experience

Utilize our innovative visual tools, such as foresight radars and interactive features, to present complex information in an understandable and engaging way. These tools help you efficiently analyze data and visually convey insights.

Joint Development

Collective collaboration at its core

The PEACOQ platform is the result of a dedicated partnership between Schaltzeit GmbH and CisLogic GmbH, supported by a network of specialists.

Mission and Vision: Driving Future Success

Schaltzeit contributes its expertise in foresight and innovation, while CisLogic handles the technical implementation of the platform. Together, they ensure a robust and flexible foundation.

Network of Experts

Additionally, we have experts in foresight, science, communication, design, and AI development who are brought in as needed for specific customer projects, providing tailored solutions. This collaboration ensures consistently innovative and client-focused results.

Let’s work together

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